Designed for kids at different stages of growth from infancy to age 5, Upsize 3D Puzzle is a multi-functional Toys and Childcare product. It is “Educational” as a 3D puzzle, “Recreational” as a Rocking Horse and “Functional” as a thick play mat.
As parents with little kids, it is always the most enjoyable and joyful moments staying and playing with our little ones. We are happy to play with them and eager to make / design the toys by ourselves. Fun but simple, is the major concern of our product. We dislike those 'ready-to-play' toys which require no DIY input. In a proliferation of technologies and smart devices, sometimes we would like a break and go back to simplicity.
Pony Alex is not merely a rocking horse toy, but also a buddy filled with our enthusiasm, caring and hopes that we as parents always wish our little kids joyful and happy.



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